The Cherry Pickers plus Sue Baker and the Sourdoughs

Thanks to Barrie Hocking, Mike Roberts and Chris Keating for these few pics of this fantastic event! We had a power failure and managed enough generator power (thanks to Mick!) to run the PA but didn’t dare chance the lights!


John Flanagan Trio plus Axe and the Ivory. Pics by Barrie Hocking

The Barn at Wombat Flat would like to thank Barrie Hocking for these great pics of a fantastic night with Melbourne’s John Flanagan Trio and Adelaide’s Axe and the Ivory. Barrie has been a photographer for most of his life and his skill in this area is only matched by his guitar playing, something I’ve enjoyed during our 20+ years playing music together! Thanks for your efforts Baz!

John Flanagan Trio plus Axe and the Ivory – pics by Robyn Bradbrook

Local photographer Robyn Bradbrook was kind enough to send us a few pics she took at the show on 12 May 2018. Thanks Robyn!

White Gold Multimedia Pics

Our friend and hero dairy farmer Bec Middleton and her partner Duncan Irving came by to visit on Monday. Bec is a great photographer whose business name is White Gold Multimedia. Here are some of the beautiful pics she took of the barn interior. Note to self: take the covers off the stage lights next time someone turns up with a camera! See you at the gigs!

Barn Makeover!