2020 Musicians

Luke O’Shea and Lyn Bowtell (CANCELLED)

Kevin Bennett and the Flood / Jessica Wishart (CANCELLED)

500 Miles of Music – Travis Collins, Bill Chambers, Matt James, Rosie Roberts, Kelly Menhennett (CANCELLED)

Kristy Cox (USA) and The Weeping Willows (CANCELLED)

Michael Waugh and Gretta Ziller (CANCELLED)

Bennett, Bowtell and Urquhart (CANCELLED)

Brad Butcher, Rosie Roberts, Michaela Jenke, Caitlin Drew (CANCELLED)

Kelly Brouhaha / Jimmybay (Audience plus livestream)

Louise Adams (Audience plus livestream)

Catherine Britt and Melody Moko (Audience plus livestream)

Matt Cornell and Brooke Supple (CANCELLED)

2020 Visual Artists

Yvette Frahn

2019 Musicians

Daniel Champagne / Laura Hill

Shane Nicholson / Kelly Menhennett

John Schumann and The Vagabond Crew / Mike Roberts, Quentin Eyers

The Maes Band / Alana Jagt

Adam Harvey / Brad Butcher / Aleyce Simmonds / Matt James / Michaela Jenke / Rosie Roberts /

Matt Ward

Felicity Urquhart / Andrew Swift

2019 Visual Artists

Kerryn Hocking

Jim Dunstan

Yvette Frahn

2018 Musicians

Hussy Hicks / Michaela Jenke

John Flanagan Trio / Axe and the Ivory

Brooke McClymont and Adam Eckersley / Brad Cox

Jen Lush and Cat, Dog, Bird / Mike Roberts and Quentin Eyers

The Cherry Pickers / Sue Baker and the Sourdoughs

Kristy Cox / Travis List / The Weeping Willows

Aleyce Simmonds and Brad Butcher

Raised by Eagles / Rosie Roberts

2018 Visual Artists

Yvette Frahn

Jim Dunstan

Vicki Rochau

Sue Baker