Emerging Artist Scholarship Application – Entries Close 5pm March 31st, 2022.

The emerging artist scholarship is back in 2022, bigger and better than ever !
With a cracking season in 2021 we are so pleased to welcome additional funding to run this program for another year.

It goes without saying that 2020/2021 has been a shocker for everyone but the music industry has been hit particularly hard. Here at The Barn at Wombat Flat we are very aware that we a part of a bigger picture and we try to do what we can to support the live music industry in Australia. For us, that has meant keeping the doors open this year, when it was safe to do so, even when friends with accounting backgrounds were raising their eyebrows! Doing that meant that more artists, winery staff, caterers and local tradies had more work than they otherwise would have…and you all knew we were still here!

Working with the SA Music Development Office has meant that we were able to obtain some artist and tech subsidies we could use in 2022. That has given us the confidence to book shows for next year but also to realise one of our dreams, being able to give a ‘leg-up’ to some emerging artists in the SA music industry who otherwise might not have had that opportunity in the current climate.

Some of the funding from SA-MDO has been channeled into a program we hope will be very useful professional development for emerging talent that might be ready to bridge the gap between playing at home and getting out to be heard at live music venues. If you think you could benefit from learning some tips on how to present yourself to a venue for a gig, how to best help the sound tech to make you sound great and how to increase the odds of being invited back, then this is your chance!

Fill in the form including a link to a short video of you performing.
Applications open to all ages.

However, please note we are ultimately looking for “emerging” artists who are in their first 5 years of practice. This is usually someone who is yet to release music professionally and who is yet to tour.

Our panel will select a limited number of you for our program and provide an outcome to all entries by April 14th, 2022.

Those selected will learn some really practical skills and have the opportunity to open a show at The Barn at Wombat Flat in 2022. Let’s see what hidden gems we have hiding out there!

Preference will be given to artists that match The Barn’s programming (Americana, Country, Folk, Blues & Roots Artists) and to artists performing original music.

Mike Roberts
The Barn at Wombat Flat



1. Mentoring package with industry professionals :

– Learn how to create a professional EPK
– Create short & long term artist development plans with an industry mentor
– Learn some tips to help your sound tech to achieve your best sound
– Learn what things you can do to help venues make your gig a success and ask you to come back
– Social Media Q&A mentoring session with an industry expert!

2. Open a show at The Barn at Wombat Flat
3. Receive a professional recorded video of your performance
4. Receive a professionally recorded live track of your performance
5. Receive a professional high-res photo from your performance.